Some Reactions from our Faculty and Guests

Dear Ishwar: 

Thank you for your kind hospitality during our recent visit in Kolkata!   And very happy holidays and happy Feb wedding to your family! 
Max (Dr Myron Essex, USA)
Dear Dr. Gilada,
Max and I want to thank you for all you did to make our trip to Kolkata a pleasure. The meeting was so well organized and the Novotel such a comfortable and hospitable hotel, we could not have had a better time. Although no tigers cared to pop out of the mangroves while we cruised around Sundarban, that also was a unique opportunity you arranged for us to see a very interesting part of the world.
Best wishes for 2015 and our sincere thanks.
Elizabeth Essex , USA
Dear Ishwar,
Thanks for the photos. I truly appreciate the trouble you take in sending individual photos to faculty members. This speaks for personal touch to your organising capabilities.
We have also submitted the evaluation forms for mmc credit points as requested.
Dr. Rajeev Mehta
Chairman - Dept. of Imaging Sciences
Saifee Hospital, Mumbai
Thank You Sir for hosting this meet despite all odds. We are sure that ASI has a great future ahead. Dipanjan
Dr. Dipanjan Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata

It was really good to be associated with the 7th ASICON, having had a long association with NACP at the state and national level.
KUDOS to your zeal and tireless efforts at keeping the flames burning bright.
Pallav Bhattacharya, Kolkata

Dear Dr Gilada

It was a pleasure to be there, as always and we do appreciate your efforts in organizing such a good conference. 



Dr B.B.Rewari


Dr. Gilada, 
My sincere thanks to you and your amazing team in the effort and endeavor. 
I had a wonderful time and appreciated your hospitality very much. 
As a reminder, please do not share my powerpoint presentation, as it contained unpublished data. 
Thank you again, my best wishes, and now on to your next important project - your daughter's wedding!!!
Warm wishes, 
Rami Kantor, USA

Thank you for your kind invitation. I was glad to see you and was impressed by the national scope of the meeting.Best wishes, Ken 
Kenneth Mayer, Boston, USA

​Dear Dr.Gilada,

Congratulations for the great success of IAS-2014.  I found it very useful and organized very professionally.   We will take part in forthcoming events from IAS. Hope you have had safe travels and back to work and will catch-up soon in Mumbai.
Ramakrishna Machiraju, CAVID, Sweden